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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Scientific excellence and impact

I was asked to have impact from my research. The managers evaluate our research work with impact. I do not know how to define the impact. For them, it is collaboration with companies, technique transfer to companies, create employment and patents. But what I want is scientific excellence, which is evaluated by significant publications, recognition in the research community and international collaborations. For me, the two has this relation: Scientific excellence possibly entitles social impact. But the other direction does not stand. Then what I want is to pursue scientific excellence. If I understand my research better and my knowledge is deeper, I can do the projects in a deeper way. It is to sharpen my knife before cut the bamboo.

The usage of DBLP

I saw people use DBLP to verify my publication. People have to pay attention that it does not index all the journals in its list and it isn’t very selective for conferences. You can send your conferences for being indexed. I do not know if they really select conferences. One thing is good is that they pay attention to make the record right. I sent a notice to them to point out that they merged the records of two authors due to they happened to have the same names. Some time later, I found the records are corrected. Unfortunately, one author can’t be searched by the same name now. They have to display all the authors to let people select.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Our paper accepted by 2006 Canadian AI Conference

Our paper “Learning Naïve Bayes Tree for Conditional Probability Estimation” by Han Liang and me is accepted by 2006 Canadian AI Conference. The accept rate is 22% with 220 submissions and 48 accepted papers. This is my first paper on Bayesian learning. Knowing a lot about symbolic modeling and reasoning, I am very interested by statistic models. Later, I want to integrate the two domains. Han is my master student and the first author of this paper. I am happy he can do this work and pursue his academic dream further.