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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Christmas Reading List

I normally spend Christmas and New Year vacation to travel around the world. But this year, I spent my time lying in my sick bed and reading some books which I do not have time to read in my usual days. I enjoyed the solitude days and deep thinking (or sleepy think?).

  • Steve Jobs (by Walter Isaacson): a good book to know all the characters of Jobs. Especially impressed by the persistence of pursuing the perfectness. The moment to “bet on the company”. The attitude of facing death. He really loved what he was doing. He could give up money and almost everything for it. I can imagine living with him would be a difficult thing.

  • Phoenix: the life pf Norman Bethune (by Roderick Stewart and Sharon Stwart): Norman Bethune is the most respectful Canadian in China. Mao had an essay prizing his purity in his humanity and his selflessness to the Chinese people. Not all the Canadians are fond of him, because he was a communist. But above all, he was a person living not for himself, but for the others, and a person who devoted his whole life to what he believed which was beyond himself.


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