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Friday, June 24, 2011

RIM and Playbook

We received two more Blackberry Torch and six more Playbook from RIM this week. Our NSERC Engage project goes well. I consider the extra hardware is a support from RIM.

iPhone changed the smartphone market. RIM still did OK, if compared to companies like Motorola. Its Blackberry Torch is compared with iPhone 4. And its OS is considered less error compared to Android. However, Blackberry is not on the top fashion anymore. The carries do not recommend it to the end users as before. The competition is so hard that even iPhone 4 is not the top recommended phone. I got my Nexus S which seems on the top of the list.

The Playbook seems not so welcome in the market. But maybe RIM should check its marketing strategy. For the tablet, I like its size that you can carry it anywhere. I like to check weather before I get up and read a little bit before I sleep. My smartphone is too small and my laptop is too big to bring to my bed. I would like to play with a playbook for these purposes. In addition, playbook can be a professional hand held tool. Then, RIM should focus on applications, more cool applications, for playing and for work.


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