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Monday, February 14, 2011

programming model in industry

I touched a little bit android programming. Actually it is not really android, it is just java. I really like this strategy. I think google is really a better strategic player. Android soon gained 24% market share, surpassing many long time players. And the ecosystem around android could be even healthier. Think how many developers could work on android directly.

Recently I contacted several companies in my work. Checking what kind of tools and programming languages they use, I find the development process may affect their market and cost greatly. I strongly recommend techniques with open standards, open source supports and using easier and popular programming languages. Though some old and classic programming languages are elegant and tell us the fundamentals of computer systems, it is really not the key factor to choose them as development language. Why not use Java and C#? They may be slower than C++, but they are easier to master and less possible to make mistake. Even my students do not like to apply jobs using these old languages.


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