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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eric Zhao defenced his thesis

Eric Zhao succeeded his thesis defence this week. His thesis titled “Repairing Web Service Compositions Based on Planning Graph” is evaluated “very good” by the committee, the highest grade which represents within top 10%. To have a successful defence, a student really needs to know his/her staff – with a well prepared presentation and answer the questions with good knowledge (if not all the answers to be correct). A thesis also needs to be well organized and well written. For a Chinese student, the training has to be in very detail and to start from very fundamental ground. Eric’s another side of training is development. He is trained through the Science Studio project. Now he is able to develop a fairly complete system independently. The complexity and the difficulties in development should not bother him anymore. Eric is my first master’s student graduated from Concordia University, the fourth in my record.

A whole life is waiting for him. I hope he can find a good job soon.


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