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Monday, September 14, 2009

Additional expectation to my new graduate students

Study well and live well is my expectation to you.
  1. An international students should always remember to improve his/her English.
  2. Living a sufficiently comfortable and healthy life. Because Montreal winter is harsh and many graduate courses are in the evenings, it is better to live in an apartment on the Metro line or near the downtown. You may want to spend a little more money to get a studio so that you are able to work from home and rest well. You will find housing price out of downtown is much cheaper.
  3. I expect my students to publish papers within 1 – 1.5 years after you become my students. If you have publications before, you can do it in 0.5 years. If you do not have research experience, use the point below.
  4. Evaluate your research especially if you are from a different culture. You need to read the references I listed in my Web site to learn how to start your research.
  5. Reference to the post on August 27, please discuss with me what you are missing and your plan to learn it. And you also need to discuss with me your understanding of research and how you are going to make progresses.
  6. Be self-motivated and be a self-starter. You will find you need a lot of independent thinking and thoughts. You need to be able to solve your problems by yourself.
  7. Programming well. I do not see many good programmers indeed. Also, not everyone can do research as his/her career. Being a good programmer can locate you a job practically.
I expect you discuss your self-evaluation and your plan with me


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