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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Canarie NEP Projects

Canarie funded ten projects in the NEP1 program. The NEP program is to build online platforms for supporting distributed science community for data and resource sharing. This is like an early midterm review. We demoed what we got so far and exchange our experiences with the other teams. Canarie is what I saw the most efficient and effective funding agency. It has expertise to track the latest technology and steers its funding directions quite well. You cannot fool such a funding agency with nonsense.

The common problems to solve within these projects are 1) data management, 2) application integration, 3) middleware design, 4) process management. People use all kinds of fancy techniques to implement their platform - from J2EE to social network software. Seriously, Globus Toolkit, J2EE, AJAX, workflow management and some domain specific software are the key techniques. Data query around metadata is a common practice. However, no teams investigate ways to annotate the data, except manual way. Workflow is also used by multiple projects.

From research point of view, we still do not know how to go from user requirements to services design. This is a software engineering problem. Not there yet.


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