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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Olympic Game – Beijing

I was in the Rockies when the most Olympic Game took place. Every day, we checked the results before our hiking and after our hiking. As we are an international team, we check the results for several countries. And one person may care about more than one countries, for where we are from and where we are now in.

It is unbelievable that China won the first place of gold medals. I said several times that it is unbelievable that China set up the goal to beat the US in the Olympics and could achieve it. Think that China was first in Olympic Games in LA in 1984. At that time, we are far behind Japan. It was the goal to be the #1 in Asia. Not long after this, the goal was to be the #1 in the world. For a country that has the fame of its unhealthy people, it is a great achievement. No matter what you say about the huge investment, the rigid training system and even suspected cheating, at least, it is a great achievement. Now people begin to use super power to address China. I told my friends, Chinese are much kinder people than the Americans and the Europeans. So, if there should be a leader in the world, why not China? At least we have a long history to learn from and we won’t behave aggressively and stupidly as the US. At least we won’t evade countries like the US.

So, it is done. I was joking to my friends that the next goal of China would be to get the Nobel Prizes. Well, maybe it is not a joke. Maybe China is planning for this. If it was planned, it could be done, I suppose.

So, it is done. I am glad that China is not too boosting its “super” status. It is a good nature of Chinese. Olympic Games is just a game. Once you proved that you can get the medals, that is enough. Should we really keep so many medals? Should the sportsmen really be trained for the purpose of getting gold medals? And even link sports to the ego of a country? I know in a country like Canada, the government won’t invest 7 million dollars for a medal. It is not Canadian value. The Canadian sportsmen train several months for the Olympic Games. And they got their full time coach less one year. In Western countries, sport is amateur. Many Canadians say it is too little. But this keeps sport healthy. The ultimate goal of sport should not be the Olympic gold medals. I read reports in Chinese, I want to find interesting articles about the Chinese Olympians stories. I did not find many. I know the Chinese sportsmen have a similar story: get trained and trained from they are very young. Their talents are extended to extreme, but their other aspects are blank. I hope after so many medals, they can learn that living like a machine is tasteless. We should not live for the Olympic Games, nor for the party, nor for the government.


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