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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am packing my staffs to move to Montreal. This is another move after I crossed many countries. I have spent a complete 10 years out of China -- Germany, Canada, US, France and then Canada again – for studying and working. This time is a rare case that I move out of a job by myself.

It is my original dream of pursuing freedom and truth that drives me to move from one country to another and from one position to another. Being a scientist gives me the biggest freedom to challenge any routines in any doctrines. I see myself belongs to a scientific community, i.e. a community across any country and organization boundaries. In this sense, my knowledge is carried by me and belongs to the whole world. I see that if a country or an organization wants to keep a leading position in science, it is better to attract excellent minds and keep them. You can see the intelligence flows faster than before.


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