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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Amazon Web Services Start-Up Challenge is over

Obviously we are not on the final list.

While, this competition is more for using their EC2 and S3 Web services, not for novel ideas about Web services. They are looking for applications using a lot of disk space and network traffic. No doubt that they have two video applications (Ooyala and Justin.tv) and image applications (Brainscape and WeoGeo). Justin.tv is pretty cool that you can broadcast what you see. And Ooyala is for broadcast high definition video. It seems that online video broadcasting is the trend for Internet.

Do they have any significant research or scientific values? Not necessarily. I did not see any leading edge techniques. For example, the Brainscape is just a normal eScience application to share RMI images. You can find a lot of such kind of projects on some free research networks. I would say these winners are just the beautiful showcases Amazon picked up to demonstrate their EC2 and S3 Web services. It is true that these Web services save the cost of building their own information infrastructure. But it is not the only solution to do this. And Amazon’s solution may not be the optimized one.


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