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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Globus Tools Updates

Some facts about Globus toolkits. You can see I am working on some real world projects now.

The role of the Globus Toolkit, as in its own document, is to produce general solutions to problems (design patterns) that could be reused from application to application. The components in the toolkit are standard building blocks and tools for application developers and system integrators. The Globus toolkit does not provide a “turnkey” solution for any project or product.

The importance of WSRF in Globus Toolkit

Globus sees a Grid Web service is a WSRF-compliant WS which has properties defined in a property xml, and its WSDL has a port to download the property. You can subscribe a property and get notification when a property is changed. The WSRF framework effects how a WSRF-compliant WS is indexed, discovered, monitored and invoked.

The toolkit is a collection of solutions to sub-problems in grid computing. List of Globus Toolkit components:

  • Two SDK
    • Web Service Core implementation
    • Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) implementation
  • A variety of basic grid services
    • Computing/process Scheduler (GRAM)
    • Data Management (GridFTP, DAI, RLS)
    • Monitor/Discovery (MDS)
    • Authorization/Security(CAS)
    • In development Telecontrol (NTCP/GTCP), Metadata(MCS), Virtual Data (Chiera, Pegasus)
  • Developer APIs
  • Tools and Examples

Compliant to the following standards

  • SSL/TLS v1 (from OpenSSL) (IETF)
  • LDAP v3 (from OpenLDAP) (IETF)
  • X.509 Proxy Certificates (IETF)
  • SOAP (W3C)
  • HTTP (W3C)
  • GridFTP v1.0 (GGF)
  • OGSI v1.0 (GGF)
  • DAI (GGF)
  • WS-Agreement
  • WSDL 2.0 (W3C)
  • WSDM


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