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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

DUT course

I am taking the Diploma of University Teaching (DUT) in UNB. DUT opens my eyes about learning and teaching. I have found from my observation that Western style of teaching is very different from Eastern style of teaching. Eastern teaching style emphases on transferring knowledge from the professors to the students and presumes that learning is a hard processing that requires the full devotion of the students. Eastern teaching needs to put a lot of effect in encourage critical thinking and creativity. While Western teaching advocates the engagement of the students. The students are encouraged to participate discussions and team work. The professor acts as a leading role to conduct the students explore the knowledge and the skills by themselves. It is also from my observation that it is the students who learn, not I who teach. But before this course, I did not realize that there are a lot of teaching methods to engage students and make learning a pleasant procedure to the students.

DUT is a very good course to explain and demonstrate the best practice in university teaching. This course touches the topics like student development, learning styles, course objectives, course design, different teaching methods, teaching dossier, etc. It is very interesting that this course itself demonstrates the methods and theories it advocates. For example, the lecturer really reduces the lecturing part to minimal, but organizes the classes into group discussions, presentations, and round table sessions. We learn from readings, for discussions and from each other’s experiences. It is an amazing learning experience for me, because I find that in this way, I am able to practice these skills by myself later, which is much better than repeating the dry theories.

Especially I felt the power of discussions. By question and answer and by debate, we really developed good understandings of a topic. Even more, we see different concerns of a problem by different people. On the other side, I see that professors and students from different countries are really sharing the same views and values. I appreciate them more after this course, because I see brilliant and pleasant people. I think I am a better person after this course.


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