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Monday, June 30, 2008

Woody Allen in Montreal Jazz Festival

Woody Allen comes to Montreal. After seeing many of his movies and reading one of his books, of course, I want to see him.

He was exactly as in his movies: little man, not handsome, and with big black frame glasses. Well, he could be handsome, when he was young, but he just does not care, because his movie does not need a cute face. He even spoke like in his movies: very plain voice, with a little bit innocent and naïve tone. Definitely no smile, even if he is making all the people laughing.

It is true that it is because of him that we came to the concert. But it did not prevent people to laugh at his first tune on Sunday night. But it did not prevent the audiences to give him big applauds either. He was cool. He moved a lot when he played his clarinet. But he just stared at the ground without raising his head. Mmmm, whatever he did, he had a reason, or people believe he has a reason. He is Woody Allen, a brilliant guy.

One interesting idea after this is that I can deduce that the band was composed by people who are not so good. It is because you have to win the world by some of your talent. Woody Allen won the world by his movies. So he can do this. A good musician will win the world by his/her music, not just to follow Allen to play at amateur level. No true musicians will do this. The newspaper “metro” called the band Woody Allen’s robots. It is the right phase. Obvious? When it comes to research community, it is not so obvious...


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