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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Recruiting International Students

All the graduate schools, even in the top universities, are lack of native students in science and engineering disciplines. International students are needed. But recruiting international students has some risks – you do not know who they are, their background culture and their working habits. Some will meet your expectation. Some need a lot time to adapt to the working environment in the new country.

1) In some countries, small lies are not counted as not ethic. But in Canada, you should always tell the truths, even inconvenient truth.
2) Students from some countries are good in exams, but lack of training in doing research. Critical thinking, reading research papers, presentations are all needed to be trained. An international student can take more time to get into the right mode to do research.
3) Communication. Even if English is not a problem, it is more difficult to communicate with international students. You need to take more time to make sure that they understand what to do and how to do. Some do not have the habit to answer emails on time. You need to teach them what is a good working habit.
4) Loyalty. This is the most problematic issue. Although the students have the freedom to switch professors and universities, it is not ethic to switch without mutual understanding. I have heard that students from a certain country are used to shop around professors after their arrivals. They can switch to another professor due to a thousand dollars increasing in their scholarship. After several of this case happened, our department does not welcome more students from that country.
5) Reputation. The international students help us to know their culture, their countries and their universities. The reputation set up by the early comers will influence the acceptance of their followers.


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