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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Iceland Strategy on Data Center

Probably no country was hit by the economic crisis than the Iceland. Pulled back from banking industry, Iceland turns back to its rich nature resources again. The following is based on a yesterday BBC report.

This time, it is about data center. It is said that the data centers produce CO2 as much as the aviation flights. Iceland’s cheap and renewable energy, cool climate and water make it an ideal place for building data centers. Actually data centers are built and the Americans are attracted.

This is also what I think for Canada. Canada also satisfies all the above merits. We need to cultivate these skills among our students.


  • While it is important to power a data center in a green fashion, we must remember that a significant amount of infrastructure is required to transport data and that this infrastructure requires power to operate as well.

    Larger data warehouses and bulk processing facilities might be well suited to being remotely located near abundant sources of renewable energy, but for services which require real-time access, those services should be located closer to their users.

    By Anonymous Julie Haugh, at 8:06 AM  

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