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Monday, July 25, 2011

What Google Nexus is not good

I am using Google Nexus phone for about one month. I should say it is not a phone with high quality. It more like a prototype with good ideas. But the phone is not very solid as iPhone or Blackberry. I just compare it with iPhone3.

1. The battery life is shorter than iPhone.
2. The GPS is way too slow. You cannot use it effectively, because it could not locate your location fast and precise enough. You end up with an electronic map and you figure out where you are by yourself. iPhone is not like that.
3. The default apps are not good. So you need to download third party apps and see the ads around.
4. No tapping sound on the soft keyboard, which is not a good experience.
5. The back lid is too hard to open.
6. Initialization problem. See my poster on June 22.
User experience is above all for the smart phone. So you can see the Android market will stop increasing to some extent.


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