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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Western teaching and eastern teaching

Educated in China, I moved around the world to pursue my career and excellence in academics. I see the contrasts in both systems. In the Western system, the teaching and learning responsibility is falling on the shoulders of the profs. The professors have to be smart, excellent, kind, and expressive. They ought to make the lectures not only interesting, but also entertaining. The students suppose to be able to understand the lectures right away in the classroom. In addition, they have very little homework to do. In the eastern system, the professors are more respected in the classroom and in the society. Education is not a service, rather a given to the students. The students are supposed to work hard and finish a big work load of homework. But the eastern system does not encourage students to go beyond the lines.

So the western students have less formed ground in theories and knowledge than the eastern students. But if they are good, they can use the theories more flexible. The problem is I am not sure the western students can face the hardship of research. Maybe that is why more and more international students filling in the graduate schools.

What want is that the students have to be properly trained to the future CS career. I need to give them enough and necessary trainings.