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Monday, August 02, 2004

E-business Course

I am planning an e-business course for UNB graduates with Owen Kaser and Daniel Lemire . Here is the syllabus. I listed my part as following:

  • Introduction of the course

  • Introduction of Web services: standards, architectures, developing tools

  • Communication protocol: SOAP

  • Describing a Web Service: WSDL

  • Interoperation and data binding

  • Invoking Web Services: distributed applications

  • Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS)

  • Business logic description and business logic composition (BPEL4WS editor)

  • New Web Services by composition

  • Discovery and Web services registries: UDDI

  • Semantic web solutions: RDF, OWL-S

  • Web Services Architecture (Advance and Summary)

  • BPEL and BPEL editor

    I still struggled with version problems to insall BPWS4J, an IBM BPEL engine. This time I degraded to JDK1.4.1. to make it work. If IBM does not so eager to update this popular module, what is the future of it?

    Some other BPEL engines are from Oracle (formerly from Collaxa), open source engine from activebpel.com.

    I want to write more, but I am still reading the code to understand how it works.

    IBM’s BPEL editor is a plugin of Eclipse. At first, I was expecting something like canvas. But there is not one. It simply displays the tree structure of BPEL. I had one glace on Oracle/Collaxa editor. It seems to have a graphical interface to display the flows and messages on the same picture.