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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Pre-print paper about monotonic segmentation

Without noticing my co-authors, I post our recent paper here. One thing is to show that I am working on some real research; the second thing is to attract attention from other researchers. I remember my post brought some discussion with Eanonn Keogh. Maybe that is the initial point of this paper. Abstraction of our paper:

Abstract. Monotonicity is a simple yet significant qualitative characteristic for system behaviors. It is a critical problem in qualitative modeling to robustly detect monotonic pieces from scattered data obtained by numerical simulation or experiments. We consider the problem of segmenting an array in up to K segments. We want segments to be as monotonic as possible and to alternate sign.We propose a quality metric for this problem, present a linear time optimal algorithm,and compare experimentally its performance to a linear time top-down algorithm. We show that our algorithm is considerably faster and more accurate using some simulation data.


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