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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Where to go? Web Service vs. Grid Services (2) - Merge

Actually people in the Grid Services are active to make the Grid integrated with Web Service specifications seamlessly. Maybe WSRF will be better than what I claimed above. Here are my visions:

1)the Grid Services will wrap the service as web services, so pay more attention to wrap your services.
2)The benefit to use grid is to improve the computational performance, using clustering computers, workload balance, job submission etc.
3)Besides that, the features like states, notification, logging, lifecycle management are not the motivations to use Grid Services.
4)High performance computation is more for platform like Unix and Linux, because these OS are traditionally time sharing OS. So you can see that most of the tools are for Unix and Linux.
5)Try GT4 and WSRF from now
6)Follow the new specifications of Web Services
7)The gap between the two will be less and less.


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