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Sunday, November 07, 2004

From Cyberlab’s business model to education system

Cyberlab is a portal of online experiment system. Its business model is to provide administration service to existing online experiment systems, and charge the service providers. This model obviously does not work, which is confirmed by Eikaas Tor Ivar, the creator of the system. He said the universities who provide the services simply do not want to pay the services, because they believe they can do the same. What I saw is that the European education system eliminates the possibility. Simple answer is that the university education is free in Europe. If the university provides free services, where is the motivation to improve its services? To get more students, and even remote students? Why should the universities be bothered to do so? The consequences are: the good technology is not used, no business is created, no job is created. Everyone waits the government to pay to improve education.

Because we are in North America, we simply reverse the business model: the students will pay for the online experiment services. By using online experiment system, the students can save tuition; the universities can provide the education to more students. And the universities are willing to share their resources if they are got paid. It seems it is a workable system in North America. The consequences: new business is created, jobs are created, and students are got trained better. Therefore the society is better.

The European profs simply claim that the education should be free. But universities are not yet another welfare system, nor are they the pool for the students to wait for 21. The effectiveness of the education system is a main concern. I saw much more undisciplined students in European universities than in North American universities. The students in North American universities do not come to waste their money and time. They demand well training so that they can get a job to pay back the tuition. The profs have the obligations to provide quality services and are obliged to reform the courses to meet new demands. Thus it is not the profs demand the students, but the students demand the profs when considering teaching. I do not see in North America, the students can’t go to university because of money. On the contrary, the North American universities have much more scholarships to give.

I should claim that even in North America, universities are non-profit organizations. Tax money is invested in university.


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