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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Fostering Collaboration between Canada and Europe

I am on my trip in Europe. The first thing is to take part in the Prolearn project meeting (e-learning). The second thing is to attend IST2004 for my institute.

Europe has world-class researchers and research project. The EU Framework program efficiently brings the researchers from different countries together. It is a good tool to build a united Europe.

Many of my research topics still results from my working in Europe. I gained a lot of my research ability by working with the best researchers there. So from a researcher point of view, collaborating with Europe is valuable. I hope my European counter parts think the same. I think they do, because I helped them to prepare FP6 calls.

What I do not know is from the country level. It seems Canada is a gateway to US; or some policy, such as privacy law, is similar between Canada and Europe than between US and Europe. These are Larry Kobra’s points of view. But I am wondering why there is no such a push between Canada and US, if US is so important and close to Canada. If I want to do my mission better, I have to know more about Canadian society and also the European society.


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