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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Where to go? Web Service vs. Grid Services (1) - Critics on Grid Services

Grid Services is a combination of Grid + Web Services. But it is in a pre-mature status. The specification so far does not present anything attractive to the Web Services community. Here are my critics:

1) The specification is not stable. WSRF will replace OGSI in Jan, 2005. At that time GWSDL will go back to WSDL1.1, which does not support the portType defined for Grid, and service data (SDE) will go too.

2) it still relies on external solutions to resource management (it has no scheduler). I saw the listed tools, such as GridPort and OGCE; Grid Packaging Toolkit (GPT); MPICH-G2 (Grid Enabled MPI); Network Weather Service (NWS) (Quality-of-Service monitoring and statistics) ; Condor (CPU Cycle Scavenging) and Condor-G (Job Submission) . If without these tools, Globus has nothing left, or has only web services left.

3) the features like state, notification, can be easily implemented by using web services + EJB or other tools. I do not think these are the points to use Grid Service.

4) Globus tutorial says that Globus does not integrate well with existing tools.

5) Most of Globus modules are tested on Linux or Unix only.


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