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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Where to go? Web Service vs. Grid Services (3) - My visions

1) Grid Services so far are not matured enough to integrate with Web Service specification. But it is a necessary step for them to go. So you can see a lot of efforts on-going.

2) Grid Services and Web Services will merge on WSRF/GT4. So do not spend time on GT3. Most of them will go away. Try WSRF directly.

3) The benefit to use grid is to improve the computational performance, using clustering computers, workload balance, job submission etc. These are high performance issues. The e-business servers, like websphere, weblogic event do not have these functions. I read that websphere will have these features soon, but it will be very expensive. So we have to survive with the servers without these features. You can say we are in a prehistorical era of computer science by seeing this. Well, it is true.

4) Besides that, the features like states, notification, logging, lifecycle management are not the motivations to use Grid Services. It is because we can implement them easily using exisiting tools and will not suffer from prematured grid services.

5) High performance computation is more for traditionally time sharing OS like Unix and Linux. So you can see that most of the tools are for Unix and Linux. This will be a barrier for e-business applications.

6) Actually it is not sure that using WSRF will solve the high performance issues. So far I see it is only a set of protocol, no real workload management tools or other tools.

7) It depends where you want to conduct your research. For me, high performance computing is another domain. I will not study workload balance or clustering algorithms. So I would see a service will be wrapped into a web services, and study the Web Services issues. Actually I see the QoS issues are very important. That is a joint point of the two domains. I will also focus on the process management issues and portal issues, because these are the joint points of e-business. I can share the knowledge in my other projects.

I do not say we have to avoid Grid Services. Actually I will try WSRF. I just say my research will not go beyond using WSRF on the Grid Services.


  • I'm unclear why you hint that Linux/Unix are a problem for businesses? Any business that has the technical know-how to get into grid services won't have a problem with Linux. Installing Linux is no harder than installing Windows these days. Support for Linux is on par with support for Windows.

    By Blogger Daniel Lemire, at 5:19 AM  

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