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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

IST 2004

IST 2004 runs from 15-17 November, in the Hague, Netherlands. This year's edition of the most important European Information Society Technologies (IST) event includes a conference, an exhibition of research results and networking facilities for the participants, and should appeal to industry, SMI and SME, businesses, public sector decision-makers, the research community and academics, and anyone generally interested in the Information Society, including young people and students.

I have no time to write full text. Here are the points of my slides to introduce IST to my colleagues.

IST: The big picture
• Citizen centric: learning, healthcare, government, quality of life
• Information and Knowledge society
• Service oriented industry
• Globalization: less difference in economics, global competition, mobility
• Themes
– E-learning
– E-government
– E-health
– E-inclusion
– E-collaboration

Information Technology Trends
• Knowledge management
– Semantics, ontology
– Nature language processing
– Information retrieval
• Ambient intelligence
• Open source and Service oriented software industry
• Grid computing
• Telecommunication (beyond G3)
• Security

Networking: Canada-EU
• Networking session on Nov. 15
• Reception hosted by the Canadian Embassy in Netherlands on Nov. 16 evening
• Canadian delegation booth
• Results:
– Many, many interests, more than my expectation
– East European countries: Hungary, Czech, Slovakia,
– EU10 countries: Germany, UK, Netherlands
– Canadian: Athabasca University, Richard Hornsby in UNB
– Forward you information
• Digital Olympics
– News and reports
– Resource management
– Broadcasting, traffic management, security
• high performance computing
• open source
• semiconductor manufacturing.
• Serve the global market
– Software engineering
– Product engineering
– Accounting
– Call center
– Technical supporting
– Heath care services
• Collaboration
– Joint R&D projects
– E-government
– Education: alumni ecosystem for 100 European schools


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