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Monday, December 20, 2004

At MBR04

Conferences are always a stressing occasion. You will meet some monotone personalities. You will question if these guys are lack of common sense for their daily life. Well, many of them do not need. You will think like them, extreme your mind to the end of its limitation. I feel I am a thinking machine. Food is just to give fuel to the machine.

MBR04 is a mixture of philosophers, cognitive scientists, physicists, computer scientists. This year’s topic is abduction, visualization and simulation. By all means, people discuss how to make a scientific discovery, how to build models and how to use model in scientific discovery. Many discussions open new insights to me.

Philosophy vs. Science

Philosophers seek the good statements from their thinking. Scientists seek formalized reasoning on a topic. I was surprised on some of the talks that end at an obvious point in the epistemological process. But it seems a philosophy thesis can be like that. The most important is to set up some arguments and statements. I am afraid that they swift the meanings of the concepts between the statement. So philosophy is not a science which can be formalized and reasoning in restrict logic. Philosophy is about everything, from more subjective point of view.

Logic vs. AI

The logic studied in philosophy is not the same as in AI. Philosophy studies the logic in people’s epistemological process. AI is from CS and studies how to use program to realize the logic process. So computational issues are studied in AI, but ignored in philosophy. But when an AI approach works, philosopher will come to discuss its philosophy meanings. Some examples: Turing machine, machine learning, etc.

The upper streams of AI

I found AI is an application of mathematics and philosophy. Both are like source of AI. If I need analysis ability, I need to look into mathematics and philosophy. To see how mathematician and philosophy think about my problem, I may get better ideas.

My slides show some interesting presentations in MBR04

Books to read

John WOODS and Dov Gabbay The Reach of Abduction: Insight and Trial, (with Dov M. Gabbay), volume 2 of A Practical Logic of Cognitive Systems, to appear with Elsevier/North-Holland.

Theo Kuipers, (2000) From instrumentalism to constructive realism, Synthese Library of Kluwer AP

Theo Kuipers, (2001) Structure in Science, Synthese Library of Kluwer, AP


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