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Friday, May 27, 2005

Visiting England

This is the first time I visit UK. Since the conference has no more to say, I used the time to visit my classmate who is working in Birmingham University and Stratford Upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Photos will be posted.

I am very curious to see UK, because its many former colonies are now very successful, e.g. US, Canada, and HK. The other Western countries generated more problematic areas due to their rules on their former colonies. My short visit did not answer my question, because I did not see too many differences of UK and continent Europe. For my classmate, who lived in both continent Europe and UK, the UK people seem not holding too different visions than the Europeans. Well, I have to know more to say.

I found the root of my English. We learned British English in China. So we speak “pupil” and “middle school”, which are not used in North America. But the English accent is not so attractive to me anymore. I remember, my “middle school” refused an American to teach us, because our parents wanted us to learn British accent. Of course, we did not find a British teacher, and we did not learn any accent, except the Chinese English accent.

The accent or other culture things are economics dependent. When a country is rich, that means its people enjoy more pleasures in their life and its scientists know more advanced technologies. Then its culture becomes influential and adopted by other nations. Now this country is US. Even UK is influenced greatly by US. UK is an old empire that is out of date. This kind of fate is repeated in history many times. So US will have the same fate inevitably. After US, whose turn? Maybe China or India.


  • My guess is that China has a good potential to shape the history of this century.


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