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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kingdom of heaven

I saw Kingdom of Heaven in Paris last weekend. Unlike the other hollywood movies, the hero did not come to save the world and he was not immortal in his battles. Actually he was defeated twice in this movie, first before his own city, second time at Jerusalem. He retreated after the great deeds done.

The end of the movie has the Taoism flavor that the wise person finally realizes how the universe works and what his fate is. He finally holds the attitude that he does not need to do anything and this is the best strategy he can take. So he finds his peace before any lures. This is the biggest wisdom.

In nowadays world, or in any time, people are fighting for all kinds of things interesting to them. The president of US is sending his troop for his “crusade”. The researchers around the world are fighting for their kingdoms of research. But before playing it too hard, please think about something else other than the goal for a while, maybe the history, moral, fate, conscience ... Though they are too big to concern, they really matter. Maybe you can decide to go back home and play with your own children.


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