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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Why I like Canada?

Many reasons drive me to Canada. One reason to keep me here is that I found I can make things change. I yielded to my colleagues to push my work ahead. The consequence is that the rules are changed and my opinion is respected. Today, I received a poster from a reputed politician. It is the second time I have found that the poster is changed according to one email I sent to him. It was not a kind email, because I found he used way too many photos in his posters and his website. I told him that I want to see what he did to the community not the ceremonies he attended and I want to see his opinions not the honors he received. The consequence is I see the changes on his posters and web site. Well, maybe I am not the reason. But at least things go to my direction. I am glad to be part of the society.


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