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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Critical Thinking in Life

Critical thinking is a necessary attribute a researcher. When you do critical thinking, there is no boundary that you cannot challenge. And you exam the facts against what you believe. Can this character make me expelled by the reality of the society? I do not know. I sometimes can not tell how I can balance between the reality and the idealism. I always hold a very high standard on the things I engage, and of course on myself. Maybe this makes my surrounding people unhappy. I do not know. But when time comes, I am still able to shout to people and fight for what I believe correct. I shouted to people for my visit to IRISA. Not to individual, but to the principles of running the institute. Maybe I am too idealistic. And I am more and more idealistic. Finally I got approval to go. I will have a non-boring summer in France, with whole time for research and interesting people. That is all I want.


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