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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Prefect CS students?

There are some interesting discussions on my last post. A question is brought up, are there any prefect CS students? I think we need to give more constraints now. Sure we all know the extrama depend on the criteria you choose. No absolute extremum. Obviously, the investigation is built on one assumption that the prefect students are those who can be mostly hired by IT companies. This is the major career path for CS master students. Only part of them will continue ph.d. or other careers.

Then the investigation is to find out what kind of qualities the IT companies want from the students. Here is a second assumption that the students graduate with their degrees. So it is not for other students other than a master graduate. Actually IT companies hire more master graduates now since programmer jobs are outsourced (see my former posts).

Then is GPA not a concern? Definitely it concerns. Many companies have the fix bottom line of the GPA. But you can see it is below the straight A level. Think about the self-proclaimed “greatest” nation in the world is lead by a c-student, you will be relaxed if you lose some As in your transcripts. Well, remember he has an exceptional father. If you do not have, better not to get any Cs. My personal opinion? I like A students, because it means certain IQ and responsibility. But a student with passions on the work normally works better. And the most important, the ethic of working matters much more than GPA.


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