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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Busy Life

In my thirties, the life becomes flying. More responsibilities, more ambitions on career development, more chances to look for and catch. I still delay my responsibilities of raising a family, because I doubt I can bear the load and can be happier. Last week, I found the new web site of an old friend. It lists so many career activities and it reminds me his/her numerous publications. I can see his/her indulgence, ambitions on career. I also recall another friend of me who also plays the same game and equally successful. Maybe I am on the same way and would be in the same track when I am at their age. Sigh, I do not want to do the networking and play the career games like a politician or bureaucrat. I would rather be quiet and be left alone to do my fewer publications, but more impact results, as a researcher. I would rather be able to talk with a friend for hours on the phone than just rush business conversations. I would rather have a slow down life, but more enjoyable life.


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