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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

A novel about academia

I bought a novel “Cantor’s Dilemma” from Amazon. Amazingly, the author, Dr. Carl Djerassi is a Stanford professor in Chemistry. He is the inventor of “the pill” for oral contraception. Besides his splendid career, his intellectual emphasis is placed on two subjects: "The first deals with policy research the area of human fertility control", and the second is “to examine the culture and behavior of scientists through an infrequently used vehicle: novels”. He has 4 novels, 2 shows and a paper about reproduction in Science. As in his web site, he is 82 years old this year. His traveling schedule shows he travels in average 2 times per month over Europe in this year.

I am wondering which figure is himself in his novel. Does he feel life is a burden or a joy by working so much up to so high age? Maybe he is a real superman.


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