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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Be a Seller on Amazon

I sold a used book on Amazon. Long time buyer can be once a seller. Amazon is a good platform for buy and sell. For selling a book, my experience is not bad, but there is more to improve. For example, I could not find the webpage to input my checking account information. When I found it, it is out of service for a while. The shipping charge is estimated less than what I had to pay at the counter. Amazon must use its discounted price which is unable to get as normal customer. The buyer sent me three Emails to query the shipment of the book in one week. Hopefully in the last Email, she said the book was arrived.
Amazon earned $6 commission for this transaction.

You can also sell your CDs and software on Amazon. I like Amazon’s way. You post it on a fixed price, and forget it. You get informed when anyone wants it. The payment is mediated by Amazon. You do not go to a third company. I listed the book on Amazon less than two weeks to sell it.

Auction? I created an account on e-bay to sell my cell phone. I am getting rid of my cell phone. But e-bay’s interface is too complex to use. I don’t know if the auction can reach my price and I have to watch it for a while. Finally I did not make a move.


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