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Monday, June 28, 2004

Montonicity in Qualitative Modeling

Monotonicity analysis on scattered data is to determine the relation between two variables, i.e. increasing, decreasing or constant of one variable when another variable is increasing. It is an important feature to leverage when constructing qualitative model.

The existing approaches are rooted in classic data analysis, such as approximation, regression. It is a domain always attracting attentions. I’ve implemented Eanonn Keogh ’s methods and Martin Brooks’ method to compare their pros and cons in my application. A draft document summarizes my results on this problem.

Today, I asked a question on Keogh’s complexity. It is very delightful that I got answers from my NRC colleagues within minutes and they are right. The group of people I consulted are Martin Brooks , Peter Turney , Daniel Lemire and Joel Martin .


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