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Friday, September 03, 2004

A Long Trip Back

I came from my vacation in Pyrenees and ECAI conference in Valencia. Both events were exhaust. European Conference on Artificial Intelligence is one of the top conferences in AI. It has a style of traditional science in Europe.

For my research area, MBD is going to distributed system, agent-based system, plan + monitoring + diagnosis combined technology. Qualitative modeling, FMEA, and new industrial oriented application are still in the center place. Qualitative Reasoning is now for Q2Q problem, which uses qualitative model to refine the quantitative model. Machine learning attracts more attention as a modeling technique. I found I need more knowledge in the whole domain to become an expert.

Semantic Web is an effort of the AI people, though industry companies try to stay away from it. From research point of view, it dose not try to solve the open questions in knowledge representation, but to build its strength from zero to reach a level the current theories allow it to reach. People can argue that semantic web studies do not focus enough on “web” (stolen from a French woman professor whose name is unknown to me). The innovative applications are emerging, as people are calling on them.

Internet should provide more excited applications for the AI people. ECAI is not the best place to see it.


  • Welcome back.

    I agree with your criticism of Semantic Web, but sometimes, out of flawed design, good things can emerge.

    By Blogger Daniel Lemire, at 9:29 AM  

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