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Thursday, October 21, 2004

e-learning and else

e-learning will be the future of education. MIT has a lot of efforts on this direction. From the open courseware to the webLab. One can see MIT will be the major competitor in the future education market. If MIT’s core competency is at the content, the others will provide the Learning management system. I want to build an online experiment management system based on some open source.

Another effort is to give lectures online. MusicGrid is an effort lead by Dr. Martin Brooks , one of my collaborator and NRC colleague. MusicGrid is to use video conference devices to deliver music courses to northern Canada.

Actually I am doing the same thing. We use VC to teach a course to two campuses. I was asked to search for the VC in the market. We need a second set of VC, because we need VC more and more for any business in NRC building. I got to know that a decent VC that can be used for classroom is only less than $5000.


  • Many people are very cynical at MIT's attempts. Yes, it was a bit of a publicity stun. However, I also think that MIT doesn't mind that other school are making fun a bit of MIT... because they expect to take many school by surprise one day soon. That's my theory.

    Regarding VC, the main problem is not the hardware. You can run some form of VC on a PC. The problem is with the network. You can't have decent VC over a normal Internet connection like I have at home.

    By Blogger Daniel Lemire, at 6:11 AM  

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