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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

25 years AAAI

In the spring of 1980, AAAI was formed by Raj Reddy. Ever since, AI becomes a formal scientific community, despite the arguments on the name of AI. The ultimate goal of AI is to build habile system that can replace human being’s intelligence. At beginning era of AI, it is related to physics, physiology and psychology. Now, people are more coming from computer science. Many people’s goal is not to replace human being, but to aide/help human being’s intelligent activity. This is the notion of “weak AI”.

For any sciences, if they are at the key points of human’s progressing path that these points are not avoidable, then these sciences are important ones. Is AI on such a critical path? I do not know. But the goal of AI is so fantastic that it attracts me more than any other branches of science.

From beginning of AI to now, the lasting topics are:
1) knowledge representation
2) reasoning
3) language understanding
4) learning
5) perceptions and actions

What can I contribute to this domain is what makes me thinking. As a researcher, you can’t always follow the old tracks. If you can establish new areas, you will be a great researcher. So it is about what question you ask. In this era, the application is Internet.


  • You probably mean "web" not "Internet" since the Internet is quite old. I would say the "web" is getting old too.

    By Blogger Daniel Lemire, at 6:25 PM  

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